Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"Pound for pound, Warwick Davis is one of the funniest men I know" - Ricky Gervais

I found out that Warwick Davis had put out a biography completely by accident.  I was surfing around Amazon and it was recommended as something I would enjoy.  At its discovery I got so excited I immediately went to the library and had it specially ordered in (Such an amazing library feature!) so I could read it.  For those of you that are wearing confused faces wondering who on earth is Warwick Davis, I will tell you! Or better yet, I will show you:

Ohhh that guy!! Yes, Warwick Davis has been in A LOT of movies (this is just an assortment!)!  Since he has been in several of my favourite movies (Star Wars, Willow, Harry Potter) I have always been a fan of his and was very excited to find out more about his career.
Davis' book is a great read for not only fans of his work but also for fans of movies and the process of making them.  He recalls many anecdotes from his times on and off the set, from the trecerous slide down a snowy hill will Val Kilmer during Willow, to visiting George Lucas during the last day of filming of the third Indiana Jones film (the infamous rats scene!), and to Mark Hamill graciously giving an 11 year old Davis the entire Star Wars toy collection.
Not only is Warwick Davis an excellent story teller but you can also tell that he really loves what he does for a living and is very proud of all the films he has worked on.

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